Tech-4080: Acclaimed, Fast-Growing, SaaS Security Software Solution Provider

100% Recurring Revenue – Major Clients – First Mastercard with pin-pad display for Cryptocurrency

After several years of research and development and investing over $7.5M, the Company has developed multiple solutions under one roof for solving security issues such as Authentication and Identity theft. Its solutions address concerns of a host of industries including banking, finance, healthcare, accounting and many more. Its clients include Warner Brothers, Ticket Master, Toyota, UCLA Medical Center, Pacific Life Insurance, Mazda, NASA and many more.

The company has gotten excellent reviews recently including being identified as one of the top-ten 2019 and 2020 authentication solution provider in a major industry magazine and as a top-20 Security Solution provider in another magazine. Continuing its innovative and cutting-edge technology, it is also the first to market a Mastercard with built-in authentication and security and a pin pad display to accept crypto currency.

The Company is currently negotiating multiple large contracts and as a result in 2020 it expects to have its revenue and profits at least double from 2019.


2019 (extrapolated for full year)* 2019 2018 2017
Gross Revenue $5-8M** $2.6M $2.39 M $2.04M
Net Profits* $1.25M-$2M** $636K $520K $394K

*Net Profits are only slightly lower than EBITDA as no significant add-backs and Depreciation


** With recent media coverage from Top-Ten list, seeing significant sales activity including some

large deals being negotiated. Current total deals in the pipeline in the first quarter of 2020 are

worth about $39M in value and the range of revenue and EBITDA reflects between 15-30%

conversion this year. Many deals will likely be completed towards the third and fourth quarter

and some could spill into 2021.


The only single platform offering all key security components:

  • Data Protection – identity & data protection of files, documents & emails with attachments
  • Identify Protection (2 Factor Authentication) – provides a one-time password for authentication
  • Device Protection (End Point Security) – scans & checks your computers and smart devices for viruses
  • Intrusion Protection (Firewall) – keeping out intruders, all with the convenience of one authenticated password for all customer applications, on a single technology platform.
  • The Company is the first to market a new 13 pin-pad display Mastercard with security and authentication to handle crypto currency
  • Significant cost savings compared to competitors (15%-45% cost savings compared to leading competitors
  • Identified as one of the top ten authentication solutions for 2019 publication and a top 20 2019 solution provider by two leading industry magazines and also featured in Forrester Reports
  • Offers 8 different Multifactor Methods – more than anyone else
  • Works on: Any device, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Platform, Any Application
  • Unique “Invisible Token” recognized as leading third generation technology by a respectable publication


The software has applications for:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Point-of-Sale transactions
  • e-Commerce
  • Access to Financial Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Secure ATM transactions
  • Secure Access to SaaS and Cloud applications


The Company is technologically one of the leaders in its field. With the recent accolades it feels that the time is now for partnering with a strategic buyer that can offer a fair value and make it a dominant player in the field. This will also provide liquidity to early investors. The key players will stay on.

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