Our goal is to bring attractive opportunities in IT marketplace and bring buyers and sellers together. Below we list some of the buy side opportunities our clients are seeking.

Buy-side engagements

TechBuy1344-1568: Reputable PE Client Looking to by MSP and SaaS Companies

Our Experienced PE Client has acquired over 20 MSP and SaaS companies last year alone. Cash buyer with its last fund of $1B just closed, looking to expand its portfolio. Our fees are...

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TechBuy-1468: Experienced Cash Buyer looking for IT Staffing Companies

Fast Growing Company with two US and 2 offshore locations. Looking for staffing companies - Ideally $1-10 Million in revenue. Quick 4-6 weeks close. Our fees covered by Buyer. Fair Valuation.

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TechBuy-1458: Security Software Companies

A Private Equity company looking for security software companies to augment its current portfolio. Of particular interest are UEBA, Identity and Access Management ...

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TechBuy-1344b: SaaS Companies

 PE Buyer Looking for SaaS Companies. [Buyer will cover our fees]. Our Client is looking to acquire Software as a Service, "SaaS", companies as an add-on to their recent acquisitions.

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TechBuy-1344a: K12 Education Software Companies

Our client is looking to acquire K-12 seeking education technology companies focused on Student Information Systems (SIS), Finance/Accounting, HR, and/or Operations software.

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TechBuy-1547: IT Staffing and Consulting Company

[Buyer will cover our fees]. Our Client is an IT staffing/consulting company looking to acquire a small IT staffing company with a revenue of less than $5 Million in NJ.

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TechBuy-1542: Midwest Staffing Companies

Our well-established client is looking for Profitable staffing company with revenues between $3-$6 million serving Chicago or Midwest area,

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