We get dozens of inquiries every month where buyers are looking to buy labs suited to their specific requirements. The below list was created from the inquires received from Jan 2016-October 31, 2017. This is in addition to our buyer lists that we keep for those who are always looking for new opportunities.
Request ID Description (short)
1063 Looking for oil analysis lab, specifically for reciprocal aviation engines. would prefer Spectral Scientific equipment – newer rather than 8-10 years older. Prefer Alabama, Georgia, North or South Carolinas, Kentucky and North-West Florida. However willing to consider another geographical region of the opportunity is good. Your preferred budget is 1 million or less.
1064 Distributorship of Instrumentation And Calibration Products and franchisee for calibration labs located internationally.
1065 Looking for a Environmental, water, food lab. budget is $300,000- in the next few months in Atlanta area.
1066 Labs: testing drug and ETOH, 5 and 10 panels testing. Less than 8 MM in value.
1067 Looking for a profitable CRO for 1 million with flexible time-line and geographical preference.
1068 Investor, interested in acquiring partial or full ownership of a CRO,  ideally in partnership with a physician. Similar partnerships with other types of labs are also of interest. Like to limit my investment to around $500,000 but would consider higher or lower but no more than $1million. Geographic preference is California but will consider other US.
1069 Any Toxicology labs or core labs that come available preferably near New Jersey
1070 Looking for a preclinical CRO platform with $1-2 million in revenue
1071 Clinical lab for testing tick borne illnesses
1072 Looking to bring our testing in-house and the advantage of purchasing a testing lab would be that the equipment and trained personnel to operate it would be available, and, assuming there was some customer base for the lab already, we could take on that opportunity also. Interested in a lab located in Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia or the immediate surrounding area.
for metallurgical testing equipment (tensile, charpy impact, etc. )
1073 Looking for a clinical lab in Phoenix AZ
1074 Clinical Lab – specifically, BCBS TX (TX lab) contract. In the Northeast (MA).is okay. Screening tox lab is OK.  Clean CLIA, no pending audits/investigations.
1075 high complexity laboratory credentialed with CareSource of Ohio, preferably in the Cincinnati, OH area.”
1076 Clinical lab with Genomics – ideally in TN.
1077 CLIA Lab. It would be helpful if there is experience in the gastroenterology space, from the standpoint of anatomical pathology, analytical capabilities, etc. although this is not a prerequisite.
1078 Looking for a lab that is CLIA licensed, has a good portfolio of insurance contracts and generating approximately $20MM in revenue with 15% margin. Located in SE Florida
1079 interested in calibration labs with at least 50% revenue on the pharma sector.
1080 we are looking for a lab to possible acquire with the purpose of testing our own articles produced in the region. Main interest/ field: hardline, furniture, mattresses food contact, chemistry, packaging material, fire tests. Preferred location around Philadelphia, Washington DC.
1081 Looking for an east-coast based environmental services lab (water, air, soil and asbestos) with revenues of $2-10 million and experienced management team. Will consider 40-100% ownership stakes
1082 looking at buying petroleum related testing and inspection companies. We are private equity backed and having financing in place.
1083 only interested in calibration labs at this time. My budget is in the range of 1.5M. Geographical region is Canada and US.
1084 Clinical laboratory with in network status in major insurances
1085 Tox lab or diagnostic lab that has multiple in network insurance contracts in the North East
1086 Tox lab south east US/ up to 1 MM but prefers 500K
1087 looking for a toxicology or blood lab located in Central NJ.
1088 looking for a small biotech research laboratory for acquisition in USA
1089 Looking for a CLIA certified lab in SW Florida
1380 A scientist looking for a profitable analytical lab. Investment level up to about $1 -1.5 million. Both husband and wife have scientific experience.   East Coast business preferred.
1381 Looking for a CLIA lab with some insurances preferably and some business preferably. Budget about $1-5 million. Have lab overseas and wants to establish base in the USA.
1382 Pharmaceutical lab. I live in the Knoxville, TN area and have nearly 25 years experience in pharmaceutical R&D and senior management and  looking for a hands-on opportunity and not simply another investment
1383 seeking CLIA credentialed, in-network Labs in Florida (and the south east)
1384 We are interested in bio tech lab in Los Angeles county or nearby which is FDA registered and is ready for clinical research on cancer vaccine drugs (earlier phase). Budget is from $1M to $5M. Purchase is preferred instead of leasing.
1385 looking for a toxicology lab, need to be able to process 300 – 500 specimen’s per month. Time-line within next 6 – 12 month. Would be willing to partner with an existing lab.
1386 we are developing laboratory in India , ( NABL Accredited , ISO certified laboratory ).Conducting all types of water testing , food testing etc. Looking for some partnership with UK laboratory for growth prospect .
1387 Want Turnkey lab in Toxicology
1388 Southeast or Southwest preferred. Tox is first priority with DNA and blood desirable. Must be a confirmation lab CLIA certified. Price range $1-3 million.
1389 A CLIA, high complexity lab with existing customers and sales. Roughly he $500K – $2MM range. Prefer a lab in the Southeast U.S. We have a novel kidney transplant monitoring urine test that we seek to incorporate into the lab. Open to majority stake as a partnership.
1390 Looking for a tox (or any clia lab) that has BC credentials, Have a  POL but looking for a reference lab. Under $1 million and preferably under $600k
1391 looking for a relatively small lab with CLIA / CAP license and preferably in network with some major insurers, and ideally with good genomics equipment. Also if it is under 1-1.5 million dollar range, ideal but could look at larger labs.
1392 Looking for small to med labs (<$1 million typically but can go higher), with hospital tie ins or with insurance contracts.
1393 Looking to purchase/partner up with CLIA/CAP Certified Lab. I have marketing ability Nationwide for all types of genetic testing. Currently generation 2000 potential customers a week. Need a lab/partnership ASAP in Florida. As many insurance contracts as possible
1394 Looking for toxicology lab in South Florida under for $500k
1395 Water treatment service or products companies. Typically > $5 mil revenue, but could be a bit smaller. Also labs that do only water testing
1396 have lab in NC and also serve VA. Looking to expand. Looking for other labs / business as well as looking for Addiction Treatment Facilities to purchase nationwide
1398 Analytical ,genetics, and diagnostic labs in NJ, NY , DE ,PA or CT. Budget is 500K
1399 Investor looking to buy an FDA, ISO laboratory with a good income and located in Canada or in the USA near the Canada border. The budget is 1M to 10M
1400 A calibration Lab is looking for a calibration lab to expand. Somewhere near Pittsburgh, Seattle, Atlanta and Houston. Should handle torque, pressure, electrical and phys / dimensional Analysis.  Any lab size up to $5M in sales would be a good size for us.
1401 small lab where we can basically obtain the NY license. It doesn’t need to be a genetics lab, as we will add it to their offering.  I am looking for a way to expedite NY state approval through acquisition.
1402 We’d prefer to buy a lab for the CLIA license and then open a tox lab in our facility. If we could buy a lab in Western PA that would be strongly considered.
1403 Looking for a lab in MI that has NY license to service NY businesses.  We would prefer a lab that has a book of business and is self sustaining but would also consider a struggling lab with a CLIA as well.
1404 Lab space in NY/NJ. 5000-10,000 SQ FT, for sale, for research and development. Some Pilot scale process development.
1405 Want to buy a small rural hospital in TX with in-network contracts with major insurances – BCBS, Aetna, United, and preferably having a lab for less than $2 million.
1406 Looking for a CRO
1407 Looking for a TOX lab of any size in any state which does not have 1099 sales staff
1408 Looking for a clinical lab serving long-term care homes
1409 CLIA certified Toxicology lab with Florida and NY license, preferably with LCMS for confirmatory testing. Budget is less than 700 K but is flexible.
1410 purchasing a Toxicology lab. have a Florida Clia and Cola license. The Southeast would be preferable.
1412 looking to purchase a production lab for pharmaceuticals – GMP or cosmetics
1413 CLIA clinical tox lab performing drug of abuse testing and confirmation. Ideal location is San Diego or proximity. My budget would be ~ $300,000 also open to partnership.
1414 Environmental or product/physical testing laboratories. Looking for labs that are struggling financially so I can purchase and turn them around. In NH and MA
1415 Blood analysis laboratory which includes equipment.
1416 Looking for CLIA labs that have major insurance contracts. $200k budget. Book of business not important. Could be anywhere but Texas. CA is ideal.
1417 Analytical Chemist near Reston, VA. Looking for a profitable lab or business up to 700K-$1 mil. Ideally near him but can be far as long as making 200K or so
1418  I am looking to purchase a medical lab with the insurance plans in California
1084 National Calibration Lab –  looking for calibration labs for sale in the southwestern part of the country. We have offices in several states
1085  Clinical Pathology Lab in the West Coast.
Would prefer a chain or 2-3 labs which can be bought together.
Budget around2-3 mill$.
1086  a high complexity CLIA lab in New Orleans or surrounding areas.
1087 Clinical lab in New York, New Jersey, Colorado, or California location. Clia and local insurances
1088 We would be interested in buying a testing/ Geotechnical firm in the Southeast.
1089 Partner and I are looking for investment in environmental field.
1090 I am looking for a high complexity CLIA lab in Florida with National Medicare coverage.
1091 I am interested in Analytical labs for sale for bio-pesticide, agriculture, heavy metals, UPLC and MSGM.  Only interested in California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada
1246 Has molecular Genetics specialty. Want to buy a small lab or join it to develop this specialty. Ideally in OH
1235 Looking for an asbestos lab in MidWest – OH or MI
1233 Looking for a clinical lab in Dallas or FL. Also surgical centers etc.
1234 Looking for a lab in Florida. Possibly just start up. We have business, just needs CLIA
1167 Looking for a lab in the Seattle area
1164 Looking to buy an medical lab or med business – near Miami, about 300K budget
1152 Acquaintance looking for a clinical lab in Vancouver or in BC
1153 Looking for a clinical lab in OR.
1150 Pain Management Dr. in NY looking for a nearby reference lab to expand.
1149 Looking for a pharma lab ideally. But can look at environmental / food lab to get some income and then expand to Pharma
1147 Looking for  for Diagnostic Lab
1146 clinical laboratory in Kentucky
1141 Primary physician in Walnut, CA looking for a small clinical lab (<$1 million) in safe, suburban location
1142 Any Bio engineering labs-buying, partnering and selling products.
1143 looking to acquire small environmental and food labs within our area (Southern California)
1144 I am looking to purchase a CLIA certified Lab on the East Coast PA, DE, MD, or VA/ Cameron Marlow
1145 Looking for consumer testing lab / NY/NU /CT – but open to other areas.
1125 Looking for a CAP lab in Indiana
1126 Asbestos, lead, and/or mold) labs. Particular interest would be around NYC; in the western states w/ CA certification; Texas; south/southeast Ontario, Canada; perhaps FL or NC. Or, we’d be interested in a lab that helps us diversify into other areas of environmental analysis such as water testing; expanded areas of microbiology beyond mold; perhaps food; and any of a number of other areas that are somewhat compatible with our current client base. $500k-1 million
1121 Looking for a lab – anatomic pathology with CLIA / CAP but regular CLIA also okay. Revenue from 1 million to 10 million. Anywhere on the east coast. He is in NY
1118 Looking for life science companies – particularly disposable reagents. They also buy anything from 200K to 10 m EBITDA. EBITDA multiples are from single high digits to double digits
1114 Need labs with national insurance contracts or JV
1115 Looking for environmental labs in the surrounding areas around NE. Up to about 2 million in revenue
1117 Strictly anatomic pathology laboratories in Texas between $1 – $10 million. Particularly with multiple in network contracts with third party payers.
1112 Private Equity Looking for Waste Water Treatment, Water Testing,
Water Purification, Water Supply, Water Appliances, Minimum revenue $10 mil and minimum EBIDTA $2 million.
1088 Looking at Toxicology labs in Louisiana, California, Washington, Florida and South Carolina.
1089 DNA testing labs in NY area
1082 Calibration lab / Flow meter calibration
1078 Looking for Clinical labs in FL, IN, or IL
1080 small clia lab in TX
1075 Interested in a clinical lab south Carolina
1073 Looking for clinical labs in the Northeast up to 3-4 million. Important that they have licenses to many states. Particularly, NY, NJ, and CA
1071 ISO 10725 Calibration Lab in New England or elsewhere
1069 Fairly good size lab based in NJ and serving eastern US looking for clinical Labs in NY, NJ and elsewhere
1066 Looking for Clinical Lab in Orlando
1067 Looking for DNA Lab
1068 Lab with NY license / partnership
1059 Small Clia lab with NY License in NY / NJ
1031 Few small Environmental Labs in NY,NJ &PA
1034 Clinical Chemistry Lab in NY Area
1045  CLIA/CAP labs
1046 Large Laboratory is looking for GeoTech labs
1047 Environmental labs in Seattle Area
1033 Histopathology Labs in Sacramento Area
1035 High complexity CLIA lab in Florida
1060 Large Clinical Labs in US with greater than 10 million in Revenue for Platform Acquisition
1063 Profitable Pharma / Food Testing Labs throughout North America.
1048 CAP-Accredited labs in Boston Area
1036 Clinical Lab in Canada
1064 Petroleum Testing Labs – South West around TX
1085 Looking for a lab in Jacksonville, FL area
1086 Looking for a histopathology and CRO
1128 Large international consumer and food testing lab looking for a presence in the USA. Particularly NE
1145 Looking for acquisition opportunities in environmental labs as well as used lab equip / glassware. Up to about $2 mil in acquisition. South western states
1151 Toxicology lab in Florida
1152 Looking to buy a CLIA lab in New York with Insurance contracts
1153 Medical testing lab that allows for biological or pathology testing.
Must be profitable and cash flow positive. Within NY state. Budget is up to 20 million.
1154 Interested in Michigan or in actual toxicology lab
1156 We are looking to buy a lab in NY or CA CLIA license preferred. Also open for partnership.
1157 looking for a relatively small lab with CLIA / CAP license and preferably in network with some major insurers, and ideally with good genomics equipment. Under 1-1.5 million dollar range, ideal but could look at larger labs.
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