Tech-4078: Robust Document Management / Workflow Software

Tech-4078: Robust, Mature Document Management System (DMS) and Workflow Software

Easy to Use – Very Secure – Flexible – No Downloads

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Our client has developed a robust, flexible and mature Document Management System with a full set of features, often not found in its competitors. This cloud-based system can be offered as ‘software as a service’ or SaaS. It also provides a very high level of security and authentication, needed for many industries today – including financial and accounting industries, healthcare, legal, and more. One of the most desirable features of this software is that to access the documents, one does not need any software download or apps, making it more convenient to implement.

Some of the features of the system are:

  • A variety of authentication modes – including passwords, tokens, etc.
  • Direct authentication secure remote access (client-less SSL access with two-factor remote processing)
  • Central document depository system that can be hosted with the seller, or at another cloud-based platform or on the servers of the client
  • Powerful document metadata and version control
  • Sophisticated document authoring and workflow management
  • Full-text document indexing technology allowing quick searches of the content
  • Powerful groups and role-based security control
  • Can accept, documents, videos, images

Although this DMS is great for any industry, it is particularly vital for those that are highly regulated and can be penalized severely if they do not adhere to the privacy and regulatory requirements. These industries include financial and accounting industry and healthcare industry amongst others.

The software is highly scalable and this is proven by the fact that Vanguard is one of their customers.

The Company’s founders are creative individuals who love to create new software and products, and are looking to sell or license this software to buyer/licensee, who can sell and support this product. The Company will provide ongoing support to licensees and smooth transition to the buyers.


According to a recent (2016) Gartner report, by 2018, 50% of enterprises will manage their content using a hybrid content architecture, and 50% of vendors offering content management system will re-architect their products to be on a cloud-based platform. So this represents a large opportunity for those wanting to offer this product to their customers.


This large and growing market naturally attracts many competitors. Some of the well-known companies in this field include Microsoft (Sharepoint), Dell EMC (Documentum), Alfresco, Laserfiche, Alfresco, Lexmark, and Oracle.
However, this software can certainly carve out a strong niche market amongst small and medium-sized businesses, due to its strong work-flow engine, responsive service, and easy to implement software.

Comparing Features Against Sharepoint

The Software works on all platforms unlike Sharepoint. Moreover it has more robust security and is easier to administer and manage. Sharepoint needs the Windows infrastructure including Windows Server, SQL Server database, Active Directory and other overheads and licensing costs whereas this software works with its built-in database (or optionally with any other), is easier to deploy and manage, and works well with all popular browsers. It is feature rich and intuitive.


The Company has spent 12 years and about $2 million on developing this software. It is offering the full assets of the Company for $245K. Note that this would be an asset sale and will not include any business with it. It will support the buyer for a period of time.

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