Tech-4113: Profitable Saas Company – Recurring Revenue, High Margins, Scalable

Provides Enterprise Grade Software Products – CRM, DMS, and ERP

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a very scalable and profitable SaaS business with three enterprise-grade cloud-based software packages, some of the most useful software solutions Companies use. These software packages are for  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Document Management System (DMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

All of these software solutions come with complete code and customers. The platform for developing this software is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP), making it scalable and easy to maintain and upgrade. The Company also comes with a full-time programmer who can help maintain the software, the system, and any upgrades when necessary.

The business owner and brain behind this system is an award-winning security expert and has developed world-class Security and Access software and software for financial transactions. As a result, the security of these Software packages is military-grade.

The owner has spent over $2.5M on developing these three packages and had a fair commercial success, particularly selling them to enterprises on their servers. However, the owner’s main focus has always been on consulting and developing security software and, as a result, has not spent much time marketing these cloud-based products. However, the business runs by itself with very little of his time invested in it and currently gives him about a 50% net margin. He is now looking to slow down, retire, and spend more time overseas, where he has family and other business interests. In the hands of a more ambitious owner, it offers great potential for massively scaling up.

Opportunity Highlights

  • – Monthly Revenue is over $10,000.00 with Annual Revenue of $130,000.00
  • – About 60% net profit margin – can significantly go up as the business is scaled up
  • – CRM/DMS is sold at $85.00 Per Month Per User on a Monthly Subscription for Recurring Revenue.
  • – ERP is sold at $25,000.00 Per Month Per Location. The Company has two current evaluations replacing SAGE, which could be worth over $1M in 2024.
  • – The software is built on a secured PHP platform with a full Stack, including Apache Web Service with MySQL Database. It is, therefore, easy to maintain, and the buyer gets complete source code.
  • -The software development cost was about $2.5 million
  • -The Software is a complete package with Bi-Yearly revisions, which are very minor
  • – V P of Software Development will continue to maintain the software
  • – One full year of product support and hosting. Buyer can continue to keep it on the current server and pay hosting fee or move it to own server
  • – Over 2,000 Accounts and Contacts currently in the Database up to date and accurate as of August 31, 2023
  • – Company is debt-free

Asking Price

A turn-key business with customers, profits, and source code is priced at $595,000. The owner spent $2.5M developing this software. Full details of the software products will be provided in the Confidential Information Memorandum once the NDA is signed.

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