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IT staff in Server Room

IT staff in Server Room

We sell a variety of IT companies including those including software companies, SaaS companies serving various industries, IT staffing companies, IT and Network security companies, IT and Infrastructure support and consulting companies, web development and social media companies,  and more.

We try and make the process easier for you by preparing a detailed Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that includes important details about the lab including financials and financial analysis. This saves you time.

Sometimes, we also have listings of other brokers. We don’t always have control over how their CIM is prepared but we can help get answers to questions that you may have from the listing brokers or their clients.

If we don’t have a particular type of business that you are looking for, we can try and find a suitable one for you. This could be examining whether such a business is in the market with some other broker and/or whether we can do a custom search for you. Typical information needed from you would be the type of business, location where you are looking for, criteria for the lab (Revenue and EBITDA), and your budget. And we would like to know a bit about you including yours and your company’s background, and ideally, your financial capability for buying a lab.

So do contact us.

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