TechBuy1344-1568: Reputable PE Client Looking to by MSP and SaaS Companies

A large PE group looking to make acquisitions in SaaS and MSP space. An outstanding software-focused PE group has just closed on its latest fund of $1B for investing in software companies to expand its MSP and SaaS platforms. Between these two platforms, it closed on over 20 transactions last year. The fund is unique in the sense that it takes a long-term outlook and focuses on growing its investments by investing in companies rather than cutting costs for short term gain. The group is experienced in running a fast-track deal closing and can close deals in 3 months. Looking for over $1M in EBITDA for add-ons space and 90% or more of recurring revenue in SaaS and over 50-60% for MSPs. Can consider smaller companies with strong growth trajectory. This buyer will cover our fees.

Some of the typical characteristics of our client:

  • Long-term outlook – unlike 3-4 year outlook of most PE groups
  • Supports growth of acquired companies with manpower, financial, and strategic resources (not cost-cutting and slash and burn mentality for short term gain)
  • Experienced Buyer – Typical acquisition time 3 months from start to finish
  • All cash buyer – Buying from recently closed $1B fund. Pays all cash upfront at fair valuation. No earn-outs, contingent payments or seller financing
  • Very satisfied sellers  – prospects can talk to any of the sellers of portfolio companies.
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